Nature's Element Bootcamp

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Nature's Element Bootcamp
Nature's Element Bootcamp

Strength. Power. Exploration.

Fridays at 9:15AM - 1 hour
Sundays at 10:30AM - 1 hour
£10 per session, or buy 5 and get your 6th session free!

Nature may be a wonderful refuge for the mind, body, and soul, but Personal Trainer Carin Soderberg also believes that it’s the perfect playground to get the body moving and the heart pumping. Her bi-weekly 60 minute Nature’s Elements Bootcamps will have you box jumping on tree stumps, lunging with lumber, and planking on a bed of pine needles (check out her instagram to see for yourself!).

Each class includes a dynamic warm-up flow, a woodland workout that will make  you tap into your inner warrior, and a cool down and stretch.

These classes are open to anybody looking to build strength alongside their relationship with nature, and are perfect for you if you’re training for an endurance event, wanting to build a stronger and leaner body, or looking to spend more time outdoors. All classes are mixed gender, and all abilities and sizes are welcome.

More About Carin Soderberg
Personal Trainer Level 3, England Boxing Coach Level 1, NLP Practitioner

Since moving to Sevenoaks 8 years ago, Carin has been on a transformational journey. From a place of chronic illness, she discovered that training helped to feel great and be strong whilst being able to find the space to heal. Carin grew up in Sweden, spending her childhood outdoors, and this is still her place of excitement whether it’s foraging, dog walking or off-road running! She loves being outside her comfort zone and enjoys OCRs, the Stockholm Marathon, and, more recently, boxing. Leaving her London career behind, she is now ready to transform people to feel great inside out, be strong and own their destination. Are you ready to be pushed?