Forest Therapy Walks

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Parent and Baby Walk (babies in Slings/Carriers)
Bring your beloved babies for a gentle soothing walk among the beautiful garden at Reuthes. Walking mindfully in Nature has been scientifically proven to support mental and physical health and is a magical sensory experience. This means that Mum or Dad get the boost they need and baby is able to experience the sensory delights of Nature. The walk will include guidance for parents to slow down and reconnect with themselves and Nature plus gentle invitations of activities you can introduce your little one to. Your guide, Tansy is Mum of 2 so has empathy and understanding of these early months and will hold a safe space for you to create some precious connection and bonding time.

Parent and Toddler Walk
Bring your toddler along for a fun Nature walk that will also give you some time outside connecting to Nature for your own wellbeing. This relaxed yet upbeat walk will include fun activities for your little ones, getting them exploring, learning and connecting to Nature. While the kids play, parents will also be offered guidance on ways to connect which is a great self care practice and has been scientifically proven to support mental and physical health and wellbeing. Please note that buggies are not suitable for this walk so it will be for children who are at walking stage. Your guide, Tansy is Mum of 2 so is very familiar with toddler life!

Forest Therapy Walks offer a chance to nourish so much of what feels missing. Stepping into the Forest is an act of freedom in itself. Being able to leave your responsibilities at home and feel supported in Nature is powerful. These walks also offer the chance to experience feelings of connection to yourself and the rest of Nature around you.

Forest Therapy Walking is a combination of gentle walking, some talking and moments to stop and practice mindful exercises that connect you to your surroundings and help you to feel calm and grounded. The talking helps you to process and release the accumulated energy of thoughts. The silent moments allow you to tune into the wisdom of nature, to rest in stillness and observe the magnificent beauty that surrounds you and speaks to your soul.

This practice has been proven to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue and loneliness. I am your guide and hold the space and Nature works her magic and delivers her medicine into your heart and soul. If your emotional health has been suffering during this time or anytime then Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy Walking is a powerful antidote that calms the nervous system and creates space for peace and compassion. Social distancing can be easily maintained and at the same time you get to breathe in those powerful phytoncides (tiny particles in the air) from the trees that have been scientifically proven to boost your immune system.

Do you need some space and time to feel heard and breathe deeply?

Do you love spending time in Nature and the sense of escape it brings when you step into a woodland or park?

In line with government guidelines, I am so very heart warmed to be able to offer these powerful, healing walks and during this time, I'm offering them without the need to block book or sign up to a programme.

This year has asked so much of us all and has cut us off from our connection with the people, places and things we love. Many people feel lonely, fatigued and anxious and feel unable to do anything about it because the usual options are no longer possible.


Forest Therapy Walks
Forest Therapy Walks
Forest Therapy Walks