Murder Mystery

Experience the horrors of our Murder Mystery for 1 hour to decide who you think is the murderer.

Tickets £25 per person.

Available Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October with slots at 11am,12:30pm and 2pm.

You may be joined by other groups on your booking.

We need a minimum of 4 people in a show for it to go ahead so please invite friends and family to join you. This may mean you are joined by other bookings too to make up the numbers.

Our Murder Mystery written by Thomas Carruthers (recent gradute of Rose Bruford) is based on the true murder of Caroline Luard, otherwise known as Daisy, followed by the untimely death of her husband Major General Charles Edward Luard.

What happened to the happy couple? Were they happy? Why did it happen?

But most importantly WHO DID IT?

Trust No One.

You will get taken around the grounds, meet some curious characters and be presented with some questionable evidence. Or is it?

Not only this but you will get to explore our Spooktacular Haloween

Trail for Free :)