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At our woodland parties, children will join our Forest School leader who will create a bespoke, seasonal age appropriate party that will include some of the following activities but not all of them: Learning to den build, fire building, campfire cooking , leaf crown making and whittling. Perfect for groups under 10, our Forest Fun Parties are a memorable way to celebrate some of the bigger single-digit birthdays. 

Our Forest Fun Party package is available for groups of 10 to 15 children aged 5 years and up.  The party begins with an hour and a half of fun forest activities and will include some of the following activities but not all of them: Working with elder, camp building, fire making, and, best of all, marshmallow roasting. After their time in the forest, they'll convene in the tent for an hour of celebration, where a healthy packed lunch will be provided for each child.

Our Forest Fun parties are priced at £24 per child, inclusive of VAT. Children must be 5 or older to attend and we only accept bookings for groups of 10 to 15 children. We ask that all children wear suitable clothing and footwear, depending on the season and weather conditions.

Please note that we will need to know final numbers along with any dietary requirements or allergies for the children at least 14 days prior to the date of the party.



Eco-friendly party bags are available for an additional price of £4.50 per child. 
Let's get crafty! Add a 45-minute craft session to the celebration at the cost of £10.00 per child.

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