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Reuthe’s are the Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks, 11 acres of ancient woodland, a place for discovery and adventure.

Reuthe’s journey began over 100 years ago when a young Jewish émigré left Germany in fear of his life. Driven by an insatiable curiosity for the exotic, Mr Gustav Reuthe cultivated work from dangerous plant hunting expeditions to China and the Himalayas. There, high in the snow-covered mountains, associates discovered never seen before rhododendrons, azaleas and other rare plant species. The plants that were brought home are thriving to this day in the nursery’s magical 11-acre gardens.

Mr Reuthe’s curiosity is the driving force of our specialist plant knowledge today. We welcome you to Basecamp HQ. Explore the wilderness, hike up through the jungle like pathways, discover hidden pockets of wild mushrooms and blueberries. Come for coffee and homemade cake in the café, all made from local ingredients sourced from the surrounding Kent countryside. 




Oliver Schneider is the current custodian and co-owner of the Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks. A former designer and keen plantsman Oliver was inspired by the intrepid stories of Gustav Reuthe’s work with plant hunting expeditions to the Himalayas and China and the natural beauty of gardens and nursery. 

Oliver Schneider at Reuthe's The Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks


“Mr Reuthe’s curiosity and spirit of adventure is the driving force of our specialist plant knowledge today and one we endeavour to explore and continue for the next generation who come to the Lost Gardens.”
– Oliver Schneider






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