Yoga and Forest Bathing

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Forest Bathing
Connect with nature. Calm the mind.

Saturday 17 August, 3.30PM - 8.15PM including supper

Shinrin-Yoku, or Forest Bathing, is a traditional Japanese awareness meditation that has proven to alleviate anxiety, depression, fear and tension in those who practice. While it’s no secret that getting out in nature has a profoundly positive impact on our mental wellbeing, Helena Skoog, founder of Forest Bathing Sussex, knows exactly how to guide you into a place of deep stillness and inner peace while in the forest.

Helena will begin this experience with an Elemental Yoga session, beginning with a sensual awakening of the 5 elements through the doors of the 5 senses, an alignment taught in both the Vedic and Tantric Scriptures. 

The group will then enjoy a delicious supper before heading into the Lost Gardens for an immersive Forest Bathing practice whereby the forest languages of renewal, growth, change and impermanence will become your experiential second nature. Previous attendees have walked away feeling a deep sense of inner peace and stillness and have said that forest bathing is a transformative and enlightening experience.

The only requirements in attending this event is a willingness to let go of your troubles, fears, worries, and tensions, but we ask that you also come prepared by dressing in appropriate footwear, warm layers and waterproofs if necessary.