Notes from our Organic Vegetable Garden

Despite the challenging weather conditions over Summer, our root vegetable crops of carrots, parsnips and Florence fennel have all done really well. We’re blessed to have the problem of dealing with a glut and parsnip jam is starting to look like a really good idea from where I’m standing.

I’ve finally cleared away the pea beds ready to sow a range of crops that will see us into the Winter months and beyond. We’ll be serving the leaves and veg harvests at our Basecamp Café here at The Lost Gardens so I’m trying to select unusual and flavoursome varieties that our lovely customers will enjoy. I find that Winter veg allows you to extend the season and many vegetables that can be grown in winter will produce earlier crops than spring plantings.

This month I’ll find the time to direct sow radish, mitzuna, red mustard, winter density lettuce, purslane, onions, garlic, cauliflower and broccoli. Some will be available to harvest as early as October. I’ll also do an Autumn sowing of broad beans (variety Aquadulce Claudia) and early peas (variety Kelvedon Wonder) which I’ll tuck up in bed with a warm duvet of fleece - once they start to sprout. 

Here at Reuthe’s we follow the no-dig method of growing, so later in the year we will top-dress our raised beds with 10cm of home-produced garden compost that the worms will draw down beneath the soil surface. This will help keep the warmth and moisture in the soil and also act as a mulch to stop the weeds coming through. 

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